About Us

” We commit ourselves to responsible
ways of working and restoring the balance
between nature and its heritage “

Since 2014, Laxmi Engineers has been on a mission to create, build, and promote Gas Analyzers and Gas Monitors that prioritize the safety of both plants and personnel while catering to Quality Control Applications. We use a diverse range of 12 Sensor Technologies to ensure that every Instrument perfectly suits its intended application.

Founded in 2014, Laxmi Engineers is proud to hold certifications from ISO 9001:2015 and TUV NORD. Our expertise lies in providing end-to-end solutions across various sectors, including Online Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (OCEMS), Effluent Quality Monitoring Systems (EQMS), Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AQMS), Water Quality Monitoring Solutions, Industrial Automation (Batch Automation, Process Automation, Wall Automation), Instrumentation & Process Control, and Real-Time Data Acquisition and Monitoring.

Our product lineup is extensive, featuring a wide array of tools such as Flowmeters (like Electromagnetic, Mass, Open Channel, Ultrasonic, Turbine, Velocity, Magnetic Flowmeters), Control Valves, Groundwater Level Recorders and sensors, Water Quality Sondes, Heavy Metal Water Quality Analyzers, EQMS Analyzers, Data Loggers, Gas Transmitters & Detectors, Snow Detection Analyzers, and more.

At Laxmi Engineers, our real strength lies in our team—a group that brings together automation engineers, designers, quality assurance professionals, and IT consultants. Working hand in hand, they craft tailored solutions for our clients. From the initial analysis and design phases to the development, factory acceptance testing, and commissioning stages, we ensure a holistic approach to solving problems.
Our ultimate goal is to enhance operational efficiency, cut costs, and assist businesses in achieving their objectives while maintaining an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

How We Work

At the early design stage, we evaluate each project’s specific needs, objectives, and difficulties from a holistic design perspective and collaborate to deliver specifically engineered, high performance and low-cost solutions. With due focus on the given industrial domain, we provide institutional, commercial, and residential project environmental compliances fulfilment solutions, consultancy, and monitoring services.

Our Work

We firmed our footing

All of our verticals have established a niche in the industry that is ever-growing and ever-expanding. Associations and partnerships with different cities  and many more have boosted our output and brought in collective good. While we also wish to continue the list and add more to the success stories in the coming years.


The Manifested Reality

Of a dream that glistened in all our visions

Enhancing our core

In addition to all this, we believe in proving our mettle, so before we part here. We have got something more to share.

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